Refill Beads

Once in a while you may need to refresh & refill your Yogibo Bean Bags.

  • Replenishes your Yogibo products.
  • Special closed-cell, lightweight beads.
  • Add more beads for more firm seating.
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Once in a while you may need to refresh to refill and keep the same conforming shape without slack in your Yogibo. If it is jumped on a lot this might happen in a couple of years. Order the exact size and quality of beads here to keep that Yogibo awesomeness. All the bean bag chairs have an outer cover and an inner cover. You carefully open or remove the outer cover. This is also a great time to wash the outside cover if you need to. Then you very carefully open the inner cover. It is Spandex and stretchy. The beans will want to come out. Make sure there is not pressure on the bag making it more likely the beads escape and get all over. You might consider doing this somewhere easier to clean like the garage or over a tile floor. The 3 pound box is 17 by 17 by 17 inches. It is 3.375 cubic feet of special beads. The 7 pound box is 25 by 25 by 25 inches. It is 9.04 cubic feet of special beads. Choose the size box you need, and your Yogibo will be back to original in no time.

  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene

  • Filling Material: Special Microbeads

  • Cleaning: Wash with water only, air dry.

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