Yogibo Roll Mate

The Roll mate is the perfect animal-themed body pillow friend for you to relax with! Molds to the body so it’s the perfect support

  • Fun animal styles based off our popular animal Mates!
  • Filled with our extra comfy Fibeads for molding, comforting perfection!
  • Conveniently sized body pillow.

Available in : Dog,Fox and Panda

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The Roll Mate is the friendliest body pillow you'll ever see, and the ultimate, friendly solution for those who want the coziness of a body pillow without losing space on the bed. The Roll Mate gives you the extra support you need so your journey to Slumber Land is as easy as closing your eyes, and as enjoyable as the perfect dream. Filled with Fibeads, our special combo of micro beads and polyester fibers, and like other Yogibo products the buddy roll will completely mold to your body. The outer cover is machine washable and extremely easy to take off or put back on, and they’re modeled after our most popular animal Mates so they’re the perfect gift for anyone!

  • Removable Outer Cover: Yes

  • Dimensions: 3.5 Feet long

  • Cleaning: Removable cover

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